Brainy Guts - The primary recipe for healthy humans

Author: Steve Lambert  

A healthy gut, the major determinator of your wellbeing?

The gut as a thinking organ, a 2nd brain even? Two short videos.

The primary recipe for healthy humans  - Gut health - The microbiome - Gut/brain axis.

What is the relationship between our overall health and our two primary and connected organs, the brain and the gut.

To us it seems there is compelling evidence to support that a healthy gut is a major determinator of general health and wellbeing. Through a series of blogs, links and videos we aim to provide you with knowledge, research and information. 

Our intent is to provide both introductory and detailed research information to help the mildly curious through to the serious evidence seekers. We are neither scientists nor medical practitioners and are collating information from whatever source seems to be reliable, unbiased and helpful. It is NOT medical advice.

Please decide for yourself.

What will you learn

  • The Human Microbiome - This refers to the colonies of microbes that exist within our bodies. There are at least as many microbial cells in our body as human cells and some estimates have microbes having 9 times more than human cells. 90% of the microbial cells reside in our gut and your microbiome is as individual as your fingerprint. How does the health of our microbiome relate to our general health?
  • The Gut Brain Axis - The gut or enteric nervous system is often referred to as the 2nd brain. It is a major facilitator in activating our immune system which in turn is a major factor in tissue inflammation which in turn contributes to cellular dysfunction and microbiome imbalance or dysbiosis.
  • Mental Health and the Gut Biome - The majority of feel good and reward brain chemicals are produced in our gut (neuro transmitters seratonin 90% and dopamine 50%). A shortfall of these chemicals contributes to depression and symptoms of dysfunctional digestion.
  • Can Diet and Lifestyle Changes Improve Things -  Yes, but you already knew that! No great surprise that this includes a balanced diet and regular exercise. However gain a bunch of insights into the role of Gluten (and Zonulin), PRE biotic vs PRO biotic foods, inflammation reducers, fermented foods and more.
  • What Diseases and Behaviours have been linked to an Unbalanced Biome - The list is surprisingly long and includes Alzheimers, Autism, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diabetes, Heart Disease. These are not proven facts although the evidence is strong and growing with the increased research and focus on the human biome. 

Click here for a five minute TEDx introduction to the Microbiome and here for another flavour of the same thing.


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