How do Epigenetics affect your health right now?

Author: Steve Lambert  

The genes you were born with are not your destiny and not the whole story by a long shot. 

Epigenetics - The study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.

Without getting into a whole nature vs nurture debate, epigenetics essentially says,

What you do, what environment you live in, what you eat, your stress levels and exercise regime etc. affects both your biology and behaviour by activating and de-activating genes within your DNA. This is referred to as gene expression.

Why should you care about epigenetics?

Your DNA is not your destiny. In a nutshell if you take care of yourself emotionally, physically and nutritionally then you give your body the best chance of expressing genes that will have positive outcomes on your health and wellbeing.

Click HERE for a brilliant 4 minute introduction to Epigenetics. Highly recommended, Steve

YouTube summary

This sketch video about epigenetics was created by Armando Hasudungan, in collaboration with Professor Susan Clark and Dr Kate Patterson at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. It has been created for a broad, non-expert audience to highlight key messages about the role epigenetics plays in biological processes like development and diseases such as cancer.

Click HERE for a 40 minute more detailed examination of Epigenetics.

YouTube summary

Why your DNA is not your destiny. Molecular biologist Nessa Carey presents an introduction to epigenetics and explains how it shapes life.

DNA is a vitally important starting point for life, but it's how it's used by cells and organisms that is really important. Epigenetics is a rapidly moving field that has transformed our understanding of how one set of genes can create the masterpiece that is each of us. It's also leading scientists into unexpected and exciting areas such as new ways to treat disease, understand drug addiction or unravel the lifelong consequences of early childhood trauma.

Nessa Carey is a geneticist and author of The Epigenetics Revolution. She has a degree in Immunology, PhD in Virology, was a post-doctoral researcher in Human Genetics, and a senior lecturer at Imperial College London in Molecular Biology. She's also spent 10 years in the biotechnology industry and now works in the pharmaceutical sector.


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