Mushrooms and Fungi for healing and maximising performance

Author: Bec 'Lore' Lambert  

Are Mushrooms Magic - See below for a series of blogs exploring the Mushroom Movement and health and benefits?

You may know that mushrooms belong to the Fungi kingdom, but did you know that estimates of the number of fungi range from 500,000 to almost 10 million species?  

According to the American Society of Microbiology, there may even be as many as a trillion species globally!  With those sorts of numbers involved, it’s no surprise that there is much ‘magic’ to be found in the way of health benefits when talking about mushrooms, and I don’t mean the actual psychtropic magic mushroom psilocybin.

Over the course of the year I’ll be highlighting several different mushrooms, recipes and research, including cancer research.  I’ll begin this series with an introduction about the current rise of the ‘shroom in science, the media and high tech Silicon Valley businesses.  

Don’t be a ‘fungophobe’ (that was a thing back in 1887) and read on!

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References: (Hay, William Deslisle (1887). An Elementary Text-Book of British Fungi. London, S. Sonnenschein, Lowrey. pp. 6–7.)

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