Shrooms for Performance - The Basics

Author: Bec 'Lore' Lambert  

Mushrooms are a familiar ingredient in the kitchen due to their ease and versatility of being thrown into stir frys, salads or pasta. However the ‘mushrooms-of-the-moment’ are being used as caffeine substitutes, getting mixed in with coffee or as elixirs. 

I’ve been a ‘shroomy fan since the early 90’s when I was introduced to Reishi at the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) school in Los Angeles. Reishi was a mainstay in most of the medicinal teas that I drank.  For the last few years, Reishi and many other mushrooms have become a mainstay of the Silicon Valley 'bio-hack' community (thanks in part to Tim Ferris), as they are considered to be Nootropic (a smart drug) and adaptogenic (helping us to more efficiently adapt to stressors). They’ve become an alternative to caffeine for a cognitive boost and a physical performance enhancer.  

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You should try and source mushrooms that are organic and dual extracted from the fruiting body for the best quality mushrooms possible.  Dual extraction - a hot water and an alcohol extraction - is needed to gain the most benefit and extract all the good stuff from the mushroom.

The fruiting body of a mushroom has more health benefits than the root.

These are the four mushrooms that I drink on a daily basis:

  • Reishi – It’s the oldest know mushroom and it’s use dates back thousands of years in China. Great for when you want to relax, or need a ‘chill-pill’, it’s touted as being good for the immune system.
  • Chaga – Packed with anti-oxidants and also good for the immune system, Chaga was a coffee substitute during the war when coffee was scarce.
  • Cordyceps – Research (in mice) suggests that Cordyceps may have anti-aging properties. It is said to help improve exercise performance.
  • Lion's Mane – Beneficial for mental clarity, focus and concentration, it’s also believed to have health benefits for the heart and gut.

Early mornings I drink a Chaga & Lion’s Mane ‘Veto’ (vegan keto) iced coffee. Mid-morning it’s a Chaga & Cordyceps ‘alt-coffee’, while at night I drink a Reishi elixir.  These ‘shrooms can be added into your Bulletproof coffee, enjoyed in lieu of coffee, made into a hot chocolate or tea.

Next time I’ll do a deep dive into Chaga and Lion’s Mane and give you my Chaga & Lion’s Mane iced coffee recipe.

See you next month!

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