The Best Online Source to Buy Organic Linseed in Australia

If you like to eat healthily, The Raw Deal is the perfect place for you to shop online. Our organic linseed is the perfect example of a product that’s rich in iron and calcium, nutrients that everyone needs. Our linseed comes in a variety of bulk options, letting you have control over how much you order at any given time. Have dietary restrictions? Certain food allergies? No problem. That’s why we let you choose which foods and ingredients to order, and how much of it to buy. When you order products from us, whether you want to buy linseed, organic ginger, flour maize, or any of our other wholesome ingredients, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting some of the healthiest foods in Australia.

Why Buy Linseed Online?

We proudly offer numerous bulk options, which means that when you make a purchase, you get to choose whether we send you a 250, 500 or 750-gram package. You can even order a full kilogram if you want to stock up properly. The advantage is not just that you’ll save money, but buying in bulk saves on packaging, making the process better for the environment. Our packaging and delivery process is eco-friendly and “carbon-neutral”, meaning that minimal carbons are released into the atmosphere. If we take these steps to care for the environment, imagine what steps we’ll take to make sure our linseed and other foods are just right for your health.

When you buy linseed from our online store, we deliver it to your home, or you can collect it at our store in Long Jetty, on the central coast of New South Wales. We carry dozens of other products, including fruits, confectionary foods, recipes, seasonings and soups. Whichever method you use to buy, we’re here to ensure that you maintain control of your health and your dietary goals.

A Healthier Environment Means a Healthier You

At The Raw Deal Natural Foods, we don’t just strive to help you become healthier, but we aim to help support the environment as well. When you buy our organic linseed or other nutritious products, such as our pasta noodles, sauces, dressings, and herbs, the packaging process helps to support the Tassie Native Forest Protection Project and the Ghanaian Cookstove Project. These causes help promote sustainability and provide eco-friendly solutions to today’s growing environmental concerns. We also use reusable packaging to help sustainability, and the foods you buy from us online will help support farmers, Australian food, and artisans across the country.

Feel free to drop by our store in Long Jetty, or contact us online. We’re here when you need us, and for your health-conscious friends and family, we have gift vouchers as well. Between the raw, healthy ingredients you’ll receive from our store and the cost-saving methods we use to reduce emissions and help our environment, buying your organic linseed from The Raw Deal in Australia is sure to be a win-win.