Buy Nutritional Yeast Online in Australia

The B vitamins are among the most essential nutrients for a healthy body. Excellent sources of B vitamins include animal products, but if you’re vegan, that presents a challenge. Nutritional yeast is the best non-animal source of B vitamins, and it tastes good, too. With a strong, cheesy flavour, nutritional yeast makes a perfect addition to savoury dishes. You’ll add amazing depth of flavour in addition to reaping the benefits of all those B vitamins. If you’re unsure where to buy nutritional yeast online, turn to The Raw Deal Natural Foods for our bulk buy program – we buy in bulk, so you don’t have to, and you can order smaller amounts from us in eco-friendly packaging. We’re proud to carry an extensive line of healthy foods, including organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, and other speciality diet items. We also have plenty of Fairtrade food suppliers among our selections.

Nutritional Yeast – Benefits and Uses

The nutritional yeast we sell at The Raw Deal Natural Foods is dairy-free, low sodium, and free of all GMOs. It is grown on a mixture of beet and cane sugar, and after a week it is harvested and sent on to be washed, pasteurised, and dried on roller drum dryers. The result is a tasty concoction chock full of B vitamins, rich in protein and branch chain amino acids, and with significant levels of glutathione, beta 1,3 glucans, and trace minerals. Glutathione is particularly important for building and repairing tissue. When you buy nutritional yeast, you’re getting a fantastic cheese flavour substitute. It can be used in any number of ways, from sprinkling it on top of pasta or a baked potato to stirring it into a pesto or cheese sauce. You can use it as a topping for popcorn, or when making your own version of nacho cheese tortilla chips. Nutritional yeast is incredibly versatile and feels right at home in almost any recipe that calls for sharp shredded cheese.

The Raw Deal Story

The Raw Deal Natural Foods was conceived as a way to combine healthy, organic, and affordable food into an easily accessible platform so people across Australia could benefit. We’re a family-owned store with a singular commitment to providing the best for the individuals and families who purchase from us while staying committed to environmental sustainability. You could just buy twenty pounds of nuts, but who has room for that? We buy in bulk at a significant discount and divide the overall amount into individual packages based on what our customers want. We do all the work; you get all the savings.

We’re proud to say that we’ve helped people improve their lives and become healthier. It’s why we sell nutritional yeast in Australia, and why we offer so many other incredible items that will go a long way to improving your health.

The Raw Deal Natural Foods is your one-stop shop for all your health food needs. We offer 140 different bulk items to ensure that you get the best value for your money.