Cacao Powder Organic / 150g


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Organic cacao is picked from the tree and undergoes a natural fermentation process within it’s fruit like pod before it’s beans are extracted. The beans are then dried, have their shells removed and are crushed into a paste.

This paste is then pressed at low temperatures to separate the oils (cacao butter) from the fibre which is finely milled and turned into velvety cacao powder.

Once the cacao bean has been processed (cold pressed, unroasted beans) – you can end up with raw cacao powder, cacao nibs and cacao butter (the oils of the beans). 

100% cacao has a rich, chocolate flavour but is also bitter.  The taste of cacao can actually vary depending on the variety of plant, soil, temperate, sunlight and rain that is received during the growing process.

Origin: Peru


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