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Granulated nectar from the coconut tree blossom (how cool is that, sugar from coconut flowers!). It has a delicious toffee-like flavour and can be substituted for other sugars 1:1 in baking.

A genuine delicacy, this natural low GI sweetener is obtained from the nectar of the coconut palm blossom. Producers climb on each individual tree and "tap" the flowers to collect the nectar twice a day

Coconut sugar is a great alternative sweetener for persons sensitive to fructose since it is mostly composed of sucrose and is rich in vitamins and minerals. 

Coconut palm trees benefit the ecosystem by restoring damaged soil and requiring very little water. Coconut tree farming produce more sugar per hectare than sugar cane (50-75% more) while using less than 20% of the soil nutrients and water for that high level of production. 

Organic coconut sugar is minimally processed ensuring it retains its naturally high mineral content. Coconut sugar is considered low GI and is rich in magnesium, zinc, iron potassium and amino acids, making it an excellent alternative to cane sugar. Coconut palms use less than 1/5th the soil nutrients and water than sugar cane for production and produce an average of 50-75% more sugar per acre. Coconut palm sugars have been reported as the single most sustainable sweetener in the world by The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the World Bank.

Origin: Indonesia


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