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Australia’s Own 100% Natural Red Gum Bee Pollen, which is harvested by honeybees from our remote clean & green WA forests, is bursting with energy & goodness for maintaining glowing health & vitality.

Until the recent unprecedented surge in nutritional awareness, Bee Pollen has been a well kept secret of top athletes who always knew it to be nutritional dynamite.

Bees themselves are the ultimate athletes & their fuel is the secret.

In their quest to obtain this amazing food, worker bees will visit up to 2 million blossoms to collect just a single kilo of Pollen!

The most nutritionally rich of the beehive products in the overall, this natural superfood is the source of the amazing endurance of the tiny honey bee & builds strong, healthy bodies. Low in fat & calories, yet high in protein & energy, Bee Pollen is rich in enzymes that promote excellent digestion to utilise our overall diet more effectively for radiant health & increased stamina.

Bee pollen contains many amino acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins, hormones, enzymes as well as lecithin, flavonoids and a host of other life giving organic elements. Also ideal for vegetarians, Bee Pollen is a rare plant source of the elusive and essential vitamin B12.

Free from all additives, it is air dried at low temperatures & without chemicals to retain its maximum nutritional potential.

With 25 years of experience in the field we well understand that it is indeed imperative that all Pollen sources are pristine & free from any potential contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides or other toxic residues.

Beware of inferior imported Bee Pollen granules, capsules & tablets not stating the country of origin clearly on the package.

These substandard imports may well contain heavy metals & other pollutants with little nutritional benefit.

For example, independent tests conducted in Australia have shown that our Bee Pollen contains up to 2½times (approx.25%w/v) the protein content of the imported material.

Australia’s Own Pollen is always bee-collected from our majestic forests, as flower pollen harvested from crops does not contain all the essential elements found in Bee-collected Pollen, is often contaminated by sprays & is not delivered the way nature intended. In the same way as honey has been given to us as a gift from God via the tireless honeybees, so too they deliver us loads of nutritious golden Pollen to enrich our quality of life.

NB: Bees neutralise the allergic principle found in wind-borne Pollen utilising nectar & their own natural glandular secretions. Allergy to Bee Pollen is extremely rare but does sometimes exist in certain individuals. Conversely, flower pollen is actually the cause of the majority of cases of related allergic reactions. When first trying Bee Pollen, place several granules under the tongue for two minutes to test for allergy. Changing the variety of Pollen will usually solve the problem. However, it is always wise to check your initial response.

Enjoy 2 teaspoons per day (Athletes may increase to 6) of Australia’s Own Native Bee Pollen sprinkled on cereal, fruit or yoghurt, mix with honey, blend in your favourite juice or smoothie, or simply straight from the spoon with a glass of water. For best results chew well & allow sub-lingual absorption to take place. Always refrigerate after opening, keep your Pollen sealed away from moisture and put the sting back in your life!

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Typical laboratory analysis of Bee-collected Pollen contents

This information is not intended as medical advice. A health care professional should be consulted in relation to all medical conditions. Vitamins & minerals may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.


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