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Shark Liver Oil has been extensively researched and scientifically proven that the active Alkoxy Glycerols in shark liver oil have a definate healing application.

Alkoxy glycerols are present in humane breat milk and have benn found to play a vital role in forming a babys immune defence system. It has been shown the breast-fed babies have a stronger immune system the  bottle-fed babies and that they retain thisbenefit throughtout thier life. Shark liver oil has many hundreds more times alkoxy glycerol content then human breast milk.


Indiccations for shark liver oil use would appear to be recurrent infecrtions, strenghtening the immune system, particularly in chronic degenerative diseases, beneficial for coughs, colds and influenza, important in tissue repair, delayed wound healing, acne and is recommended before, during and after radiation therapy.

Swedish scientists madwe the exciting discovery that shark liver oil with its potent alkoxy glycerols: 

  • Activated and enchanced the bodys immune defense system
  • Stimulated the formation of anti-bodies, by increasing the number of white blood cells and thrombocytes in our blood.
  • Diminished the harmful side effects following radiation therapy by leucopenia and thrombocytopenia, both of which invariably occur during the course of irradation.
  • the alkoxy glycerols neutralised and counteracted the detrimental changes in the bllo cell ratio, caused by the treatment.

in the course of these extensive studies, it was observed snd recorder that the alkoxy glycerols, if taken for a period prior to radiation therapy, had an inhibiting effect upon the abnormal cellular reproduction, and the results of these innovative discoveries were reproted to the international scientific world, at the First International Symposium on Ether Lipids in Oncology, held in Germany in 1986.


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